What is an Employers Association?

An Employers Association (EA) is first and foremost an employer advocate. Many resources are available to help employees with issues, but employers have fewer options. EA’s pride themselves on being cost effective and assist companies in maximizing the performance of their employees and organization through talent, tools, and training. Our Human Resource Professionals provide businesses with expertise in the areas of compliance, recruitment, retention, surveys, training, and organizational development.

Wondering how an Employers Association can help your company?
As your cost-effective advocate, an Employers Association (EA) will provide you with solutions to your employment and labor law issues. EA’s help your business stay in compliance with ever changing federal and state laws. We provide you with answers over the phone, educational forums, newsletters, and trainings (on-site and on-line). Whether it’s advice over the phone or by email, representation at hearings or in union negotiations, your local Employers Association will provide you with immediate solutions to your Human Resource problems.