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Members of the Employer Associations of America (EAA) have been producing reliable and comprehensive surveys for employers for decades. The national surveys are listed below. To order, please contact the Employer Association provided next to each survey.

National Sales Compensation SurveyNational Sales Compensation

The National Sales Compensation Survey focusing solely on sales professionals and the unique ways organizations use to compensate these individuals. This survey reports on data collected for positions in sales management, outside and inside sales, and route sales. The scope and content of this survey exceeds that of many national sales surveys at a lower cost.

This survey is published with the cooperation of participating employer associations nationwide who are part of the Employer Associations of America (EAA).

Release Date: November 2019
Survey Effective Date: July 2020

Survey Features:

Positions reported has a Combined Compensation report plus up to three types of incentive strategies:

• Base Salary
• Base Salary + Variable
• Variable Pay Only

Each position reported includes breakouts:

• Gross Sales Volume (four ranges)
• Six Geographic Regions
• Fifteen Employer Associations
• Four Primary Customer Types
• Sixteen Industry Types

EA Contact: MRA Survey Department | or 800.488.4845, ext. 3508.

National Executive Compensation

The National edition contains data for the Top 48 positions in manufacturing and service firms.

Release Date: May 2019

Survey Features:

The data is segmented per position by manufacturing vs. service organization and shows statistics by sales volume for base salary, bonus, other cash payments, total compensation and percent of stock owned. It is further broken down by geographical area and type of organizational unit with a separate section of benefits/perquisites at the back.

Other topics included within each major section:

• Board of Directors pay
• Plans used to establish executive salaries and bonuses
• Formulas used to determine bonus funds
• Short-term bonus plans
• Long-term bonus plans

EA Contact: HR Source Survey Department | or 630.965.7600

National Policies & Benefits

Health and Welfare Benefits; Retirement Benefits; Miscellaneous Benefits; Pay Practices; Working Conditions; Paid Time Off; Part-Time Employees; Recruitment, Training and Development; and Employee/Community Relations.

Release Date: April 2019
Survey Conducted: Biennially (early fall 2020)

Survey Includes:

• Breakouts by employee group (union; non-union; non-exempt, clerical, technical; exempt professional, managerial)
• Breakouts by company size by employee group
• Total respondents data by employee group
• Detailed topical index by subject

Sample Questions:

• What medical plans are offered?
• What is the vesting schedule for employer contributions in your 401(k)?
• How many paid holidays do you give?
• What conditions must be met to qualify for tuition assistance?
• What premium do you pay for second or third shift?
• How are flexible arrangements granted?
• What benefits do you provide to part-time employees?
• Do you allow relatives to work in the same department?
• How often do you provide service awards?

...and many more!

EA Contact: HR Source Survey Department | or 630.965.7600

National Wage and Salary Survey CoverNational Wage & Salary

What resource provides comparative wage data for local areas of the country? The National Wage & Salary Survey is an accurate and comprehensive source for this important information. This report is especially useful for companies with operations in multiple regions, for national recruiting, and for adjusting pay rates for transferred employees.

This survey is published with the cooperation of participating employer associations nationwide who are part of the Employer Associations of America (EAA).

Release Date: December 2019
Data Effective Date: January 2020 (compiled data are uniformly aged to this date)

Survey Features:

The report covers over 150 benchmark positions:

• Managerial, supervisory and professional positions
• Nonexempt hourly and technical positions
• Industrial and production positions

Each position report includes the job description with data reported for all responses and by reporting Employer Association. Data reported include:

• Number of organizations reporting
• Number of employees reported
• Weighted average
• Median

EA Contact: MRA Survey Department | or 800.488.4845, ext. 3508.

National IT & Engineering Compensation

This survey contains a full range of IT and engineering positions.

This survey is published with the cooperation of participating employer associations nationwide who are part of the Employer Associations of America (EAA).

Release Date: September 2019

Survey Features:

Compensation data includes the following:

• Base Compensation
• Salary Ranges
• Annual Bonus
• Total Compensation

Each job classification is displayed by sub-groupings:

• 10 Geographic Regions
• 17 Major Industry Groups
• Multiple breakouts by:

• Total Annual Gross Revenue
• Asset Size (Financial Activities)
• Size of Organization
• Profit Status

EA Contact: MRA Survey Department | or 800.488.4845, ext. 3508.

National Business Trends Survey CoverNational Business Trends

Trends covered include Business Outlook, Staffing Plans, Pay Strategies, and Business Improvement Measures. Also includes Significant Trends Analyses for National and Regional Reports.

The Employer Associations of America (EAA) conducts the National Business Trends Survey annually, in cooperation with employer associations nationwide.

Release Date: November 2019

Results are reported by geographic area:

• National
• Regional (Midwest, Northeast, Southern, and Western)
• State

EA Contact: Cascade Employers Association | McKenna Arnold, or 503.585.4320

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