National Survey Guidelines

The EAA National Survey Steering Committee continues to be hard at work to increase the value and the competitive position of our national surveys. To support this, several new endeavors are underway; some highlights include:

• EAA National Surveys – Schedules and Subscriptions Fees
• EAA National Surveys began using Standard Demographics in 2012 and associations are encouraged to adopt these in their local surveys
• Guidelines for Collecting Comparable Data Using a Local Survey Instrument for Inclusion in a National Survey
• EAA Survey Branded Covers
• National Survey Committee Membership – How to Join

We thank each of your associations for your co-sponsorship of EA National Surveys and look forward to an exciting year! If you have any questions, please contact any one of the National Survey Steering Committee Members listed below:

• Monica Sorenson, Management Association, (630) 963-7600, Ext. 265
• Carey Klosterman, Cascade Employers Association , (503) 585-4320
• Courtney LeCompte, Cascade Employers Association, (503) 585-4320
• Kelly Greinke, MRA – National Survey Host Association, (262) 696-3448