Need to compare employee engagement and satisfaction data? Looking for normative standards? Look no further!

Welcome to the Employer Associations of America's (EAA) shared normative database for our employee engagement and satisfaction survey. This database is available to all EAA members who subscribe and contribute to the site's hosting and maintenance.

The database serves as a repository for employee satisfaction data and also calculates a national employee engagement index. The engagement index reports engagement levels as Engaged, Partially Engaged, or Disengaged.

In addition, the database contains national norms for 62 survey statements which are categorized in the following measurement factors:

  1. Benefits
  2. Communication
  3. Employee Commitment
  4. Employee Development & Recognition
  5. Executive Leadership Effectiveness
  6. Operational Effectiveness
  7. Organizational Practices
  8. Pay
  9. Supervisory Management Effectiveness
  10. Work/Life Satisfaction
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